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Mad Science Bostrom Brothers Champion Edition R6 Suzuki B-King LGR Gladius

My customizing viewpoint is simple. Customizing is a work of art, but ultimately it must be built in harmony with the customers’ revelation. I like Picasso. Picasso is viewed as a great artist. But not everyone wants a Picasso hanging on their wall. When you tell people you build bikes, they instantly envision some big sweaty mean guy covered in tattoos and coveralls. I despise that vision. I am first and foremost an artist; my canvas just happens to be a large fast machine.

Why do people ride motorcycles? In my view, it’s because when you ride a motorcycle, you instantly transcend the average and become something more. More cool. More dangerous. More rebellious. Motorcycles epitomize youth and freedom.

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March 2009 Nick Anglada Originals Podcast

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